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About Us

About Us

Who We Are

We are a mutual fund investment distributors with more than 6 years of financial experience. We manage assets for individual and HNI clients throughout India. We are committed to upholding and maintaining our own high services standards. We know the value of disciplined investing and develop a variety of investment strategies to meet investor need for consistent, committed investment management. We understand the value and importance of developing strong, lasting relationship with our clients. With our unique investment philosophy, it is our belief that long term disciplined investors will be happy with positive result with limited risk.

Since Pragati Investments has worked as Mutual Fund distributor, we have tasted both the worlds – capital preservation and capital building through investment.

Our Ethics

  • A disciplined, well-defined process leads to favourable investment outcomes over time.
  • In following the asset-allocation methodology at all times, taking a dispassionate view on the various investment tools and choosing only what fits best.
  • Maintaining a firm vigil on the progress of your investment portfolio.
  • A down-to-earth communication style that does not bask in sophisticated jargons to validate our importance.
  • Investor behaviour plays a critical role in determining long-term investment outcomes

Why Choose Us

Some Awesome Features of Pragati Investments

Dedicated RM

100% transparency

Personalised Service

Zero service charge

DIY Technology

Our Focus

Our model is to serve from the front, taking full responsibility for the efforts and sharing it for the success of the investors. We work closely to find a scheme that is ideal for you – the best one, the right one. From providing you with all the right information to offering unbiased comparisons, we do it all. We are a AMFI registered Independent Mutual Fund Distributor.

We focus on fine-tuning and refining the portfolio with the aim of:

  • Diversifying holdings as per investment objective.
  • Making it in line with SEBI rules and regulation.
  • Boosting performance by taking tactical allocations.
  • Generate capital appreciation / income as per investment objective.
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