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About Us

Why Choose Us

At Pragati Investments, we understand the importance of savings for future while making the most of the present. Building wealth depends on sound financial planning that involves 2 key steps: Saving and Investing smartly.

Making the change from Savings to Investing is critical to generating right returns. High inflation, fluctuating interest rate environment and volatile market conditions make it necessary to have an astute asset allocation, firm financial plan, along with steady oversight, at all times.

The keystone of our advisory is transparency. There is absolutely no conflict of interest when it comes to picking the right investment tools. We will direct you to the best and widest range of investments that fit our investment philosophy.

Our Ethics

  • A disciplined, well-defined process leads to favourable investment outcomes over time.
  • In following the asset-allocation methodology at all times, taking a dispassionate view on the various investment tools and choosing only what fits best.
  • Maintaining a firm vigil on the progress of your investment portfolio.
  • A down-to-earth communication style that does not bask in sophisticated jargons to validate our importance.
  • Investor behaviour plays a critical role in determining long-term investment outcomes

Steps to Solutioning: Discovery, Planning, Execution and Monitoring

  • In the Discovery phase, we begin by identifying your investment objectives. liquidity requirements, fund availability and risk appetite.
  • Using your Financial Objectives as the premise, your current and future resources will be Planned, along the lines of identified financial goals.
  • By Executing the same, you’d have clearly defined what is required, while creating a timeline for completion. We’ll be responsible for consolidating your investments into a custom-designed asset allocation and investment strategy.
  • Last but not the least, we’ll review your plan on an ongoing basis and have regular discussions to check for any deviations as we progress, and also make necessary updates to the plan based on any changes in your financial goals.
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