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Financial Peace of Mind

Financial Peace of Mind

Retired Couple

A prospective client who recently retired, approached us to assist with managing their assets. They had numerous brokerage accounts, multiple bank accounts, listless mutual fund schemes, as well as a variety of insurance policies. As first steps, we helped them consolidate their bank accounts. We reviewed clients’ holdings in the various schemes, and found that there was a lot of duplication and overlap regarding the choice and themes of schemes, as each new manager had no idea what his predecessor was doing. In addition, the assets were not properly invested in a tax efficient manner, so we helped shift theassets appropriately in a more tax efficient way.

Working hand in hand with our clients, we helped them iron out a spending budget so we could run a cash flow model for them. A detailed reviewwas undertaken around the cash flow, showing them spending various amounts and how it affected their financial future as well as showing them how inflation would erode their spending power.

We created a roadmap for the client, and implemented an asset allocation mix that met the clients expected return profile and matched their risk profile. We helped the family to get on sound footing so they could achieve their financials goals.

Our client also had just begun gifting to their grandchildren, and we worked with them to better understand their overall financial picture which was now much more organized.


A prospective client was introduced us who was in the midst of selling business, realising significant cash-flow. Prior to this, he hadn’t done any significant financial or estate planning to determine how to effectively transfer wealth to his children and family members or replace the cash flows he would be giving up once he sold his business.We created anexhaustive analysis that covered a range of outcomes for his residual equity, personal spending, and future expenses. Our analysis helped him understand the correlations between his future income and equity assets which were still tied to a particular industry.Pursuant to the client’s objectives, we structured a portfolio that mitigated the specific concentration risks and was ready to generate the expected income he needs to support hisintended lifestyle. While all of his advisors were focused on the company and the transaction, we focused on him and his family. We enabled him to see his life post-transaction and make the necessary decisions to provide for his family and establish a solid financial plan that replaced the income he lost from his business. Most importantly, we gave him the peace of mind and confidence knowing he was well prepared for whatever lay ahead.

Young Professional

A young professional at a leading Consulting Firm had recently made it to Partner and he was looking for a Wealth Management relationship that understood his unique set of issues. His goal was to develop a long-term investment plan that was customized around his future annual bonuses, took into regard his need for liquidity due to Partner capital calls and also made watertight arrangements for his two daughter’s higher education and other planned future expenses. Given his firm’s multitude of global investments in publicly traded companies, he needed an additional oversight in to any portfolio strategy that negated the conflict of interests/regulatory issues that arise from traditional stock picking strategies. With us, he found a firm dedicated to customization and comprehensive advice.

After numerous review meetings to understand his existing investments that spread across PPFs, various traditional saving schemes, life insurance policies, fixed deposits and mutual funds, we were able to incorporate his assets in our analytics and showed him a customized, overarching risk profile.

We were able to develop a focused allocation that ensured the client was not “doubling down” on certain types of risk. Given his specific overweight to the Financial sector, we initially built a customized portfolio of mutual funds that invested in a broad array of asset classes, including index-based themes, gold, bonds, and global equities.

Over the last several years, the client’s initial need for liquidity has been replaced by a need to invest the large annual Partner payouts triggered by his exceptional performance. Through our relationship, we have shown to the client the value of an adaptive client-focused investment model that focuses on investment solutions not investment products.

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